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When will my voucher come?

Wow - good question.  So here is what we know as of September 1st.  The vouchers are being sent out by the State of Alabama.  They will come in the form of a letter that is mailed to the home of every eligible family.  As of yesterday (August 31) we are not aware of anyone having received their letter yet.  We were told that the first batch was mailed out late last week and would be arriving in mailboxes as early as September 1st.  The State will be mailing out batches of letters from this point forward until they mail them all.  How many are going out each day and when will you get yours?  We just don't know.  But rest assured they are going out and they will be there soon!  IF you have questions, you can go to the ABC for Students Page set up by the State at https://abcstudents.org/?p=9.