What is the Educator’s Honorarium?

The Honorarium is a legacy donation fund that allows families to place a donation in the name of or in honor of a teacher, principal, or any school staff member at a school in the designated district. This is a great way to engage your community over time and let your teachers know how much they are appreciated. When donations are made, donors can note a teacher’s name and school as well as select from a list of comments to let that teacher know their appreciation. Like school system Featured Needs, the Honorarium will allow for pledging and company donations. Company donors’ logos are visible both on the Recent Donation list and at the bottom of the Honorarium description. The Honorarium does not have a dollar goal and will run until the pre-determined expiration date is met.


Note: The Educator Honorarium is available for all LeanStream Clients with no extra charge to subscriptions or transaction fees. Your school system DOES have to have the Needs Gallery module turned on. If the Needs Gallery Module is not on for your school system, simply ask your LeanStream District Administrator to contact LeanStream to have the module turned on.