What is Inventory Tracking and how do I use it?

As it sounds, Inventory Tracking allows the system to keep track of how many items, as well as how many colors and/or sizes you have of an item. This means, if turned on, Inventory Tracking AUTOMATICALLY updates the system each time someone buys your item(s) and will remove an item, color, or size from purchase when it sells out. Of course, if you get the item(s) back in stock you can easily re-add it to your stock and the Inventory Tracking will also add the item(s) back into the Marketplace. So how do you use Inventory Tracking? If you need to create a listing and want to turn on Inventory Tracking, follow these instructions and select ‘On’ for Inventory Tracking when you come to it in the form. To turn on Inventory Tracking if the item(s) is/are already listed, follow the instructions below:

Note: If you are creating a Sell-to-Order listing, you may not want to use the Inventory Tracking feature. Unless you plan to only have a certain number of items available ahead of time, it would not be beneficial to use Inventory Tracking for listings where the quantity of items is unlimited.

  1. Once logged into your platform, locate the Marketplace label in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow and click on the Item List label.
  3. Select the listing you want to update by clicking the edit pencil (Image 4-16-21 at 3.42 PM) on the right side of the table under the Actions column.
  4. Find the Inventory drop-down menu and click it. Select ‘On’.
  5. Click ‘Save & Exit’.
  6. You’re done!