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What does it mean that the Wifi Device is 'Filtered for Students'?

ABC for Students Program Devices come with TitanHQ WebTitan & T-Mobile Education Grade Content Filtering already setup and installed.  T-Mobile Education Grade Content Filtering T-Mobile provides education grade content filtering via an advanced DNS web filter with real-time malicious threat detection and DNS web categorizations.  This filtering is provided to assist schools in CIPA compliance.

These categories of websites are automatically blocked at source:

  • Anonymizer - Web pages that promote proxies and anonymizers for surfing websites with the intent of circumventing filters
  • Compromised - Web pages that have been compromised by someone other than the site owner, which appear to be legitimate, but house malicious code
  • Criminal Skills / Hacking - Activities that violate human rights including murder, sabotage, bomb building, etc. Information about illegal manipulation of electronic devices, encryption, misuse, and fraud. Warez and other illegal software distribution
  • Hate Speech - Web pages that promote extreme right/left wing groups, sexism, racism, religious hate and other discrimination
  • Illegal Drugs - Web pages that promote the use or information of common illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs and compounds
  • Mature - Sites not appropriate for children. Includes sites with content about alternative lifestyles,profanity, etc.
  • Nudity - Web pages that display full or partial nudity with no sexual references or intent
  • Phishing/Fraud - Manipulated web pages and emails used for fraudulent purposes, also known as phishing.
  • Pornography / Sex - Explicit sexual content unsuitable for persons under the age of 18
  • Spam - Products and web pages promoted through spam techniques
  • Spyware and Malicious Sites - Sites or software that installs on a users computer with the intent to collect information or make system changes without the users consent.
  • Violence - Web pages that promote questionable activities such as violence and militancy.

Safe Search - SafeSearch helps keep adult & potentially offensive content out of your search results including image searches and web searches. Safe Search is enabled automatically for Google, YouTube, Bing and Duckduckgo.