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How to set an expiration date for the Needs, Fees, Marketplace and Event Tickets Modules

When you set an expiration date for any of the platform modules listed above, keep in mind that the item will expire the minute the calendar date changes (not at the end of the day).

So, when the clock strikes 12:00am on the scheduled date of expiration, the posted item will disappear from the “Approved” list/tab and will move to the “Completed” list/tab.

If you wish to extend or edit the “Expiration Date”, the user must log into the system (prior to the expiration date):

  1. Locate the item
  2. Click on the edit function (look for the pencil/paper icon) under the “Action” column
  3. Change/Edit the “Expiration Date” field
  4. Click on “Save & Exit” button (bottom right-hand corner of the screen)