My password doesn't work anymore!

So what do you do if the password you have been using just doesn't work anymore or if maybe you forgot it (hey - it happens to us all!)?  Fortunately, there is a really easy fix - just reset it!  How?  Well, it depends on the device but they all work along the same lines.

First, find the reset button.  On the T9, that is under the back cover and is labelled "reset."  The Alcatel 2 has a tiny button that you have to push in with a paper clip or pen/pencil.  Either way, you just hold it down, and it will reset your password to the default.  Forgot the default password?    

We can help with that too - just look under the back cover or under the battery and it should be there.  If not, it will default to the last 8 digits of the IMEI.  On the T9, just press the power button a few times and it will show up on the lcd screen.  

Have more questions?  Just give us a call at 833-748-9669 and our customer support team will be glad to help!