How to set up Educator’s Honorarium request?

As a teacher or principal, you can submit a request to the platform’s District Administrator to create a teacher honorarium for the entire district. This will allow donors to choose any school in that district to make a donation in honor of a teacher or staff member.

Honorarium Step-by-step guide:


1. Once you log into the system, simply add a Need:

**This is a principal and/or teacher’s view**


2. Fill in Honorarium information:


3. Select the dropdown menu next to Request Need Type and choose Request Promotion to Honorarium Need:


Note: Once you choose Honorarium, it will remove the ability to add a Need Amount ($) as there are no dollar goals for Honorariums. The Honorarium will remain active until the designated expiration date you assign.


4. Ensure all fields with a red asterisk (*) are filled and simply Save & Exit at the bottom right to take you back to the main dashboard:


5. You’re done! The request will be forwarded to your LeanStream District Administrator and/or your principal for approval. If approved, they can turn the Need into a District-wide Honorarium that is posted to the system.