How do I send a Fee receipt to someone?

**There are two ways to send a Fee receipt.**

**The Fee payment must be completed to have a receipt**


Using a screenshot and sending it via email:

1. From your school district's dashboard, go to the 'Fees' menu item and click on the 'Fee Payments' sub-menu. 

2. Use the search function in the upper right portion of your screen to search for the Fee.

3. Scroll to the far right of the Fee and click on the receipt button.

**If you want to print the receipt, skip to step 5**

4. If you want to take a screenshot of the receipt, here are the instructions:

The Windows keyboard command for taking a screenshot is the windows key + Shift + S. Take a screenshot of the receipt and save it to a good, convenient location on your computer. Then create an email and attach the screenshot to the email and send it to the person asking for the Fee receipt. 

5. If you want to print out the receipt, locate the 'Print' button in the upper right portion of your screen and click on it.