How do I know how often the Loyalty Need payment (or recurring payment) will occur?

If the need was set up to allow for recurring payments, there is a section on the LeanStream Donate page that asks, "Do you want to set this donation as Recurring?". It is automatically set to "No Recurring” but gives you the option to choose a recurring payment of "Weekly Recurring" or "Monthly Recurring" from the drop-down menu. Once the payment process is completed, the recurring payment will then be automatically drafted based on which option you chose from the date of sign-up. Please keep in mind the payment will continue even after the need is no longer available. Of course, the donor has full control to cancel recurring payments in the future with no penalties or notice required, if necessary.

Tip:  To help keep track of your payment date, it might be helpful to set up a recurring event in your phone's calendar with reminders to match the payment option you chose.