How do I get money from a recurring Need?

Congratulations on your fundraising initiative! For your convenience, the LeanStream platform provides Fund Request Vouchers, you need to manually print the voucher and send it to your Chief Financial Officer or designated party to receive funds. To access the Fund Request Voucher, follow the steps below:

Note: This voucher is available as a supplemental resource in order to expedite receipt of your funds. It does not serve to replace, supersede or circumvent your District’s standard purchasing and procurement policies and procedures. Please refer to your District’s purchasing policies/procedures handbook for questions related to compliance with the same.

  1. From the dashboard, select Needs in the left side menu.
  2. Select “Needs List”
  3. Under the Completed Recurring tab, find the appropriate recurring Need.
  4. Under the Action column, select the clasped hands icon (clasped-hands; if you hover over the icon, the label says Request Funds).
  5. This will open a new tab with the Fund Request Voucher automatically set to All Dates representing the amount raised since the creation of the Need. The date drop-down in the upper right corner allows you to change the dates to represent the needed time frame.
  6. Once the appropriate time frame has been selected, select the Print button and send it to the appropriate party to receive the funds.

Note: The amount displayed is for donations made between the date range selected such as “Last 7 Days”, etc. Be sure dates are NOT overlapping when generating reports to reduce chances of requests being denied due to funds for a specific date being included on a previous request voucher.