Can I keep service once the ABC for Students Program is over?

Of course you can!  Here is a link to the enrollment page if you are switching over from the ABC for Students program: Wifi on the Go.

For student-families in our LeanStream partner districts, we will be working toward a seamless transition from the ABC Program to our traditional WiFi on the Go Program or other programs offered by those districts.  

To sign up for the program, follow the steps below:

Go to

2. In the upper-right, under Support Your School, select your school district from the drop-down menu.

3. Once the page loads, select Wifi on the Go from the menus at the top.

4. Once the form loads, fill out the relevant information and we'll get a device shipped to you ASAP.

For more information about the WiFi on the Go program, our FAQ can be found here.

For families that do not live in areas where LeanStream has partner school districts, we will be looking into options and will have more information as the Program proceeds.  If you are interested in receiving updates as we continue to develop options, please email us at