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What is Wi-Fi on the Go and How Can I Use It to Generate Funds?

By LeanStream Engagement on October, 5 2021

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Like we always say, LeanStream is your ultimate partner when it comes to providing online fundraising, e-commerce, fees management, and donor engagement solutions. We help you raise money, support education, and engage donors. We have a host of fantastic solutions, all designed with you in mind.


One solution we are particularly proud to present is the Wi-Fi on the Go program. We understand how difficult it is for many of your students to access the internet at home or on the go. This solution is meant to help participants unlock their full technological potential. Who needs limits when it comes to data? In this era of technology, that’s absolutely no one.


Read on as we explain this fantastic program and how it can be used to generate funds for schools.


What is Wi-Fi on the Go Program?

The Wi-Fi on the Go program is an unlimited portable 4G/LTE internet hotspot available to student families and employees of participating school districts (see below for more information on eligibility). The connection is available via an included hotspot. The hotspot is free and powered by T-Mobile, which is America's largest, fastest, and most reliable network. 


This program connects eligible parents, students, and employees while helping our schools raise funds. With the program, you can have access to internet while on the go with no data limits or installation fees. The hotspot is battery-powered and easy to carry around so you also won’t have to worry about being stuck with no internet when you take that long trip. In other words, it gives you the freedom to take your internet wherever you go. Giving money to our schools in exchange for a reliable and portable internet connection is exactly what a winning combination sounds like. You win and your school wins!


Who do you have to kill to get it? Well, no one as it turns out. All you have to do is sign up for monthly recurring donations and you are good to go. It is our way of making you feel special for your donation without giving you the same old merchandise like t-shirts.


The Wi-Fi on the Go Program is offered on the presumption that you will keep donating for at least 6 months. However, that is not mandatory and you will certainly not be required to keep your line active for six months. If your cancel or suspend your subscription within six months, you can always return the mobile hotspot equipment to:

LeanStream Resource Partners LLC

4950 Corporate Drive NW, Suite 115

Huntsville, Alabama 35805


How Does the Wi-Fi on the Go Generate Funds?

As mentioned, you have to sign up for monthly recurring donations to be eligible for this program. And that is exactly how the program helps schools generate funds. You need a qualifying monthly donation of $50 per month to access this gem. Please note that the program uses PayPal as the payment processor. You’ll therefore need to have an active PayPal account.


It is all pretty easy to set up. All you have to do is fill out a form, set up your electronic payment, and this fantastic device will be on the way to your door. For purposes of convenience, the device will be shipped directly to the family, typically within 2-4 business days. As above mentioned, you will need to be a parent/guardian of a student or employee to access it, meaning you will need your employee or student ID number (or Enrollment Code). In case you don't know your student/employee ID or your school's enrollment code, don’t sweat it. Simply send us a quick email. We will sort it out for you.


And now the juicy part; around 20% of your monthly donation will go directly to your school. It means your donation will ultimately be helping a school or school district. Participating in the program will enable your school and school district to invest in additional resources, new initiatives, and other programs that will create a 21st learning environment for students. As a reward for your donation, you get something cool that your kids can use to make their learning easier and more enjoyable. We are also proud to announce that LeanStream manages everything from collecting payment to technical support. This protects schools from rogue and fraudulent fundraising initiatives that may be promoted in the name of the school/district.


Internet Access Is No Longer a Luxury, It Is a Necessity

We are living in a technology-driven world. The learning demands placed on each student make access to the internet a requirement. Sadly, not every student in the United States has access to a high-speed and reliable internet connection. Innovations like the Wi-Fi on The Go Program are meant to bridge that gap.


Having access to the internet allows students to access information that may not yet be available in books, or maybe outdated by the time it makes it to the traditional format. It also helps them access educational content on platforms like YouTube. Lack of connection limits students from accessing this wealth of information and they fall behind as a result. This makes it important to bridge the digital divide.


Our Wi-Fi on the Go program brings convenience, mobility, and productivity. Students can access the internet wherever they are and obtain important skills they will need in today’s job market. Pretty much everything is done online. From filing taxes, applying for jobs, and social security, you name it. Having access to the internet prepares students for participation in the new economy. The program allows this tide of progress to rise for all, for just a small donation.



A lot of ink has been spilled on the advantages of internet access. With the Wi-Fi on the Go program, this dream becomes a reality for many students. It also allows parents and employees to contribute towards their school/district. This improves the school resources, creating a better learning environment and opportunities for students.


Quick reminder: LeanStream provides multiple fundraising platforms for all operational levels; school systems, foundations, individual schools, and individual teachers and faculty. Feel free to contact us today for inquires as we work together to support education.



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