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Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising Quick Tips: Event Tickets
By Whit Colvin on July 27, 2021

When it comes to athletics, clubs, and activities, what do you think raises the most money?   Bet you a cheeseburger it’s not t-shirts or hot dogs at the concession stand. In fact, bet...

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Advantages of an Online School Fees Payment Portal
By LeanStream on July 22, 2021

Every learner, parent, teacher, or school administrator knows the price of a good education. However, who says parents have to pay the price by waiting in long lines, traveling long...

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WiFi on the Go Platform

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (or in this case, 5G)
By LeanStream on April 28, 2021

As LeanStream continues to bring new and improved solutions to our District clients and donor customers, we often want to take a moment to recognize those of you who keep us going. One...

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Marketplace Platform

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Online Marketplace
By LeanStream on April 22, 2021

If I was to ask you for five tried and true ways of fundraising for your school or organization, what would be on your list? Bet just about every list would include a sale of some type....

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Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Loyalty Campaign
By Whit Colvin on March 30, 2021

Looking for a year-after-year sustainable fundraising initiative that pays huge dividends? How about a Loyalty Campaign? 

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