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Needs Parents

What are some school fundraising ideas?
By LeanStream on April 8, 2021

Parents participating in school fundraisers can contribute to the growth and development of schools and their learners. There are lots of school fundraising ideas for PTAs1,  PTOs2, and...

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Needs Superintendents

What are the most profitable school fundraisers?
By LeanStream on April 7, 2021

As a superintendent, you want your schools to organize the most profitable school fundraisers, which will result in more money to fund school projects.

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Needs PTA/PTOs

How do we communicate our school fundraiser goal?
By LeanStream on April 2, 2021

As PTAs/PTOs, we need to communicate our school fundraiser's goal in a certain way and use specific means to increase the possibility of getting support from donors, students, and...

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Needs Principals

10 smart school fundraising ideas to help you raise money fast
By LeanStream on April 1, 2021

As a school principal, you are the leader who sets the tone for most fundraising events. People look to you for guidance for school fundraising campaigns. Use smart school fundraising...

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Needs Platform

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Loyalty Campaign
By Whit Colvin on March 30, 2021

Looking for a year-after-year sustainable fundraising initiative that pays huge dividends? How about a Loyalty Campaign? 

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Needs Honorarium

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Honorarium
By Whit Colvin on February 4, 2021

Looking for an innovative and easy way to raise money for your school?  Think about this digital twist on a tried and true fundraising idea – the Teacher Honorarium. 

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Needs PTA/PTOs

Planning a Successful School Fundraiser: 3 Key Steps for Beginners
By Asha Coleman on February 4, 2021

What are the best school fundraising ideas? How do I put together a school fundraiser online? First steps to planning a school fundraiser...Planning a school fundraiser during COVID... ...

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