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Our WiFi on the Go Program: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

By LeanStream Engagement on August, 3 2021

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Howdy parents, students, donors, and all education stakeholders!


We can't possibly explain how thrilled we are to introduce to you LeanStream's WiFi on the Go Program. What's better in 2021 than staying connected and having the ability to carry your internet with you wherever you go?


Everyone agrees that hotspots and WiFi are not exactly the classroom language we are used to. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a harsh lesson on the importance of internet access for students and pretty much everyone.


Meetings are being conducted via Zoom while students have been forced to learn from home, making the internet much more of a necessity than ever before. School districts are turning to hotspots to make it easier for students to utilize online learning.


However, it's sad that roughly 15% of students ages 3-18 have no access to the internet at home. Enter our WiFi on the Go Program to save the day! How do we ensure that everyone involved in education unlocks the full potential of technology in these 'remote controlled' times?


Explaining the WiFi on the Go Program

This program offers a refreshing take on fundraising. How you ask? Well, how would it feel if someone rewarded you with something cool for supporting them? That's exactly what this program is about.


The WiFi on the Go Program rewards donors with access to an unlimited portable 4G/LTE internet connection via an included hotspot when they sign up for monthly recurring donations. This will undoubtedly help families, students, and employees while adding to the success of the school’s fundraising efforts. Who says the only way to reward donors is to gift them t-shirts and other school merchandise? I mean, that's cool and all, but this program offers them something much better. Did we also mention that they can't get this benefit elsewhere? Only at LeanStream!


We have already talked about the power of the internet. Now imagine connecting eligible families, students, and employees to a strong internet connection and helping our schools raise funds. The donors get to enjoy unlimited internet access while the school raises the necessary funds. You couldn't possibly have written the script any better!


The hotspot is battery-powered and easy to carry around in the pocket. Additionally, it comes with ZERO extra fees or data throttling. All for promising a certain recurring donation to the school. This is the epitome of a win-win for everyone involved.


Preparing Students for Life after School

The WiFi on the Go Program has multiple benefits for all parties involved. As we all know, we are truly into the digital era where pretty much everything relies on the internet. Industries heavily rely on technology, and beneficiaries of this program will be giving their children an early experience that will prepare them for the future.


And the benefits extend beyond employment.


Think about it this way. Once they finish school, students will be required to use the internet to perform many basic tasks like filing their tax returns, shopping, booking their driving lesson tests, you name it. When you consider it, school is there to prepare students for the world, giving them access to the internet is a wonderful way of investing their time in something they will need in the future.


At LeanStream, we are not only committed to helping schools raise funds and keep students in school. We want to make fundraising more fun and add even more benefits for donors, students, and families. We want to help you reward families with connection for helping your school raise the funds you need to make learning a less stressful endeavor, especially for the less fortunate students.


Do we deserve medals for that? Nope! The real heroes are the ones signing up for this program as it's a commitment to keep students in school through their donations.


Closing the digital divide

Everyone at LeanStream understands the need for WiFi, especially for students in middle school and high school. We know that many families struggle with critical needs and they appreciate those who've partnered with us to support schools by filling in the financial gap occasioned by the underfunding of our schools. This program is our way of appreciating donors for their selfless contributions, especially in these tough times.


We are committed to closing the digital divide and ensure that those who contribute to the success of our schools are rewarded for their efforts. The WiFi on the Go Program is meant to give donors a fancy token for their unwavering support. Eligible families and employees can massively benefit from having a reliable internet connection. If the mission of serving students also ends up helping families who need a better internet connection, why not?


The best part about this program is the team at LeanStream is responsible for its management. Our capable team of technicians and customer service representatives handles everything from sign-up and shipping to troubleshooting. All a donor has to do is sign up for monthly recurring donations, and we'll handle the rest. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


As a result, beneficiaries will have the ability to learn from anywhere. As an uptick in COVID cases and more variants arise, flexibility is the name of the game for our foreseeable future. And, it doesn’t have to be explicitly for educational purposes. The whole family can use the hotspot for games and entertainment as well.


Wrap up

We could talk about the benefits of the internet all day and still not exhaust them. The thing is students need the internet wherever they are, and more so in their homes, to experience a smooth learning process. Having no access to the internet is a major barrier to learning.


In support of school districts, donors, and students, our WiFi on the Go Program is the least we can do to ensure the best learning outcomes for students in our schools. From everyone at LeanStream, we thank all the donors for your contribution to equal access to learning opportunities for all students.


For more information, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


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