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LeanStream & Hello Donor Announce Partnership for Education Fundraising

By LeanStream Engagement on December, 6 2021

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LeanStream Engagement

Unified Platforms to Raise More Funds for Education

LeanStream and Hello Donor announced a technology and marketing affiliation enabling schools and school districts to leverage the best of both digital fundraising platforms.

“Integrating Hello Donor’s Changemaker round-up and recurring revenue functionalities with LeanSteam’s existing platform provides our education partners with another powerful resource to drive fundraising,” said Jason Taylor, President at LeanStream.

Optimized Methods of School Fundraising

Many schools and school districts currently benefit from deploying Hello Donor or LeanStream independently. Now, integration of the respective platforms makes school fundraising even more simple with the ability to increase reach and raise. Since the platforms are complimentary with obvious synergies, bringing both technologies and success teams together will optimize fundraising for school clients.

“We get it. Fundraising isn’t easy but it can be made simple. We are excited to be working alongside LeanStream and co-marketing each other’s platforms so we can do even more good for the school clients we serve,” said Chris Allen, President at Hello Donor.

Co-Marketing Efforts

Through the partnership, each company will facilitate introductions of the other across existing and prospective client networks. The goal of co-marketing the platforms is to drive not only growth of the businesses but expansion of the impact – essentially, doing good by doing good.

“LeanStream provides unparalleled convenience and administrative safeguards. By centralizing fundraising and e-commerce activities, district administration is assured that funds raised and collected are properly administered and accounted for. Unification of online fundraising, event ticketing, marketplace activities, and school fee transactions into one platform is a tremendous value; so, inclusion of the Changemaker Initiative makes perfect sense.” Dr. John Barge former State Superintendent, Georgia Department of Education.

About Hello Donor

The future of fundraising is here. The Changemaker Initiative allows donors to simply donate their spare change through our digital change round-up technology for the benefit of schools. Donors round-up their change from every digital transaction they make with the debit or credit card of their choice anywhere and everywhere they shop. They simply register their card and go about their normal daily routines. Visit Hello Donor online for more information at

About LeanStream

LeanStream provides an online fundraising and e-commerce platform that unifies a variety of solutions for promoting, processing, managing, and reporting auxiliary funding for education partners (K12 and post-secondary). The LeanStream platform includes online donations and crowdfunding, an e-commerce marketplace, event ticketing, tuition and fees management, corporate sponsorships and matching, and integrated fundraising programs.

Beyond product differentiation, LeanStream maintains strategic partnerships with both PowerSchool and T-Mobile Corporation. LeanStream is proud to stand as PowerSchool’s only Unified Administration ISV Partner and the only provider of its "Wifi on the Go" and ConnectEdge Programs through a unique collaboration with T-Mobile Corporation. Visit LeanStream Resource Partners online for more information at

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