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Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising:  WiFi on the Go

By LeanStream Engagement on April, 6 2021

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Looking for a one of a kind, cutting edge fundraising idea that can raise big money for you, give donors a heckuva deal on something they can actually use and promote 21st century connectivity?  Huh?  What? Really?  Something like that exists?

You bet it does and we invented it here at LeanStream.  It’s called WiFi on the Go and supercharges the traditional candy bar, wrapping paper, cookie dough, magazine, mattress sale (need we go on?) way of raising money for schools.


Ok, let’s admit it, we have all toyed with one or more of these sales-based fundraisers, right? And they work but only when students (and their parents) sell a whole lot of something that most folks don’t really want to buy.  I mean most of us don’t really need a candy bar (or a bunch of them), more wrapping paper, cookie dough etc. and if we do have a hankering for them, we go to the store. But when the neighbor next door comes knocking, we buy something just to be nice. Or perhaps more likely the parents themselves end up buying a whole lot of stuff that they don’t need and students spend a lot of time and feel a lot of pressure to sell their “quota.” Ouch.


Let’s turn all that upside down. So what if the “goodie” was a portable “mifi” device with unlimited internet, available to student families and employees that donated $50 per month to your school system, foundation or College? Everyone needs the internet right? And internet that can go anywhere is something else!  So that is a huge win for the donor. We love that.


So how does this help you? Well, like with other sales-related fundraisers, you get to keep the residual amount that is left over after paying the costs of the item. It can add up fast. 


So you may be scratching your head right now, thinking how in the world you would manage a program like that. Well, you don’t have to because it is turnkey – LeanStream handles all the operational details, everything from enrollments to shipping to service. You tell folks about it and we do the rest.


And it doesn’t just help with your needs, it meets a very real need in our communities and provides an affordable connectivity option for those who want – or need – it. Staying connected is more important than ever these days. Helping families stay connected and supporting schools at the same time?  That is what we call a win-win


At LeanStream, we appreciate the need to have a variety of support tools at your beck and call. So, we created the WiFi on the Go program. Add that to the other innovative options that LeanStream gives you and you can build a fundraising program instead of a fundraising project. From Donor Loyalty campaigns, Teachers' Honorariums, system-wide, school and teacher level “needs”, the ability to host traditional fundraisers (Boston butt sales, car washes, pancake breakfasts anyone?) online to the innovative and exclusive WiFi on the  Go program, LeanStream will give you the fundraising tools you need, all under one online roof, and all integrated in a way that makes your life a whole lot easier! Want to know more? Just give us a click and let’s get going.





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