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How to find donors for a school fundraiser

By LeanStream Engagement on November, 2 2021

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Finding donors for a school fundraiser is like selling art. You need to create new relationships with potential donors and keep them. When finding donors, you must be intentional, court donors, and build a steady donor database.

Ways you can use to find donors for your school fundraiser

  • Use crowdfunding websites

Crowdfunding websites create campaign pages where your school fundraising team can promote and direct donors to your fundraising cause.

Your fundraising campaign page should include details of who you are, what you are trying to obtain, and how you plan to achieve it to give your potential donors a proper sense of direction.

You need to share the details of your school fundraiser campaign using various online and offline means, post updates on your fundraiser progress on your school website and on your social media accounts, publicly thank donors to motivate other potential donors who have not yet contributed to your fundraising cause.

Crowdfunding websites enable the execution of peer-to-peer fundraising. With peer-to-peer fundraising, students, staff, and parents can fundraise on your behalf by reaching out to other people in their circles who may be potential donors to your fundraising cause. Here, the students, staff, and parents use their fundraising pages to spread the word about your school fundraiser.

You can do peer-to-peer fundraising using various ways including the following list we put together.

  • Time-based campaigns 

Here, you set a school fundraising goal and a fundraising deadline to cause donors to rush to donate and beat the deadline.

  • Rolling campaigns 

If your peer-to-peer fundraiser has no specific end date, you give your donors more space to stay engaged to your fundraising cause for the whole year and to also invite other donors to support you. 

  • Use Google or Social Media Ads 

Raise awareness, attract donors, and recruit volunteers to participate in your school fundraiser using Google Ads or ads on social media platforms. If you don't know how to create impactful ads, try to find some savvy students, teachers, or parents to assist your campaign.

Using ads can help you reach more potential donors. Some will visit your fundraising site, some may contact you via phone, and others may want to visit you in person. You will only pay for results you get, such as clicks to your fundraising website or calls made to your school's fundraising team.

The marketing world of school fundraisers has changed dramatically recently, and Google Ads is one of the platforms driving this transformation. According to research made by MediaPost Communications, 73% of the paid search market share belongs to Google.

  • Find more donors using social media

Create the content on your school's social media pages in the form of visuals showing how your school will benefit from receiving more donations. Don't hesitate to advertise on your social media channels to boost your content and reach more potential donors. Always include a link to your school fundraising page in your social media posts so that donors can easily support you.

Feel free to repurpose your social media content from the previous fundraiser to promote your current school fundraiser. Sharing photos along with captions that reveal great memories and encourage more people to sign up for your school fundraising event.

Graphics are very important factors that drive engagement on social media platforms. If you aren’t skilled in graphic design, there are plenty of sites that can help you create engaging designs for your social media campaigns. One of our favorites is Canva.

  • Use local media outlets to promote your school fundraiser

Promoting your school fundraiser to your local media outlet will get you in front of a targeted audience of potential donors who want to support your school fundraising cause and contribute to the wellbeing of their local community.

  • By using influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing type, which relies on influential people to share a brand's message. Influencer marketing is so helpful when using an     influencer's audience on their social media accounts. When choosing an    influencer, ensure that your brand and target donors resonate more with them   from working with them. You may even have some influencers who are students, teachers, parents or members of your local community who are already familiar with your fundraising goals.

Advantages of using influencer marketing for your school fundraiser
You will reach new audiences.

Influencers already possess established audiences who are loyal to them. Because these audiences already trust a particular influencer, you won't take long to build a relationship with potential donors who can support your school cause.

Get a better understanding of prospective donors. 

When you interact with your influencers, they can quickly tell you what content their audiences engage with more. For instance, influencers will tell you if their audiences love it more when you take a virtual tour around your school premises than when you ask them to download an e-book.

Influencers help you create better content for your school fundraiser. 

Influencers can provide you with topic ideas to use when creating content based on the comments from their audience. You can use influencers to request their audiences to share content about your school fundraiser with more people in their audience. All this increases your chances of finding more donors for your school fundraiser.

Use text message campaigns

This method works well since most people check the notifications on their phones multiple times a day. If you have the right setup, your school can accept donations via text from people on your contact list. 

After sending out the first message with the help of a text messaging provider, your potential donors will be led to a donation form from their text message to finish their transaction. Give your donors a swift user experience by creating an easy-to-understand donation form.

Many text messaging providers will make your school fundraiser donation forms   separate and simpler versions of the online donation form you've placed on your school fundraising page. Most donation forms are customized so that you can include particulars like newsletter registrations.

Your donation forms should not be overcrowded with words and content, which can easily make the donation process long and tedious for your donors. Craft your donation form content using two information fields: the donor's name and payment information. Doing this will help enhance the transaction speed for your busy donors.


Finding donors requires careful planning and execution by the school fundraising team. Offer donors various ways (online and offline) to support your next school fundraiser so they can participate the way that works best for them.


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