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Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising Quick Tips: Event Tickets
By Whit Colvin on July 27, 2021

When it comes to athletics, clubs, and activities, what do you think raises the most money?   Bet you a cheeseburger it’s not t-shirts or hot dogs at the concession stand. In fact, bet...

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WiFi on the Go

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising:  WiFi on the Go
By Whit Colvin on April 6, 2021

Looking for a one of a kind, cutting edge fundraising idea that can raise big money for you, give donors a heckuva deal on something they can actually use and promote 21st century...

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Needs Platform

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Loyalty Campaign
By Whit Colvin on March 30, 2021

Looking for a year-after-year sustainable fundraising initiative that pays huge dividends? How about a Loyalty Campaign? 

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Needs Honorarium

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Honorarium
By Whit Colvin on February 4, 2021

Looking for an innovative and easy way to raise money for your school?  Think about this digital twist on a tried and true fundraising idea – the Teacher Honorarium. 

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