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What Can A School Fundraising Consultant Do For You?
By LeanStream on May 13, 2021

For schools to function properly, they need a steady cash flow. With these rapidly changing times, being creative with your fundraising efforts is essential. Fundraising has been the...

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PTA/PTOs Parents

A Parent's Guide to Navigating School Fundraisers
By LeanStream on May 12, 2021

Oftentimes, school funding is earmarked for specific expenditures and is unable to be used for special projects, new resources, upgrades to facilities, extracurricular activities,...

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Needs PTA/PTOs Parents

7 PreSchool Fundraising Ideas
By LeanStream on May 11, 2021

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and preschool-age children are at their most impressionable. Why not include them in your fundraising efforts? It’s never too early to teach them...

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Needs Principals

8 School Contests & Fundraising Incentives to Maximize Success – Part 2
By LeanStream on May 6, 2021

We have put together a total of 8 creative contests and incentives that school principals can use to maximize the fundraising success of their school campaigns. To be mindful of a...

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Needs Principals

What does a fundraising committee do?
By LeanStream on May 5, 2021

As a school or school system leader, you’ve probably felt the need to explore the possibilities of acquiring funds from external sources through fundraising efforts. Public schools and...

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Needs Principals Superintendents

What National companies donate money to schools?
By LeanStream on May 4, 2021

Education is necessary for all, be it rich or poor, young or aged; education makes the world a better place to live. Donations to schools ultimately benefit students and help them to get...

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Needs Principals PTA/PTOs

5 Easy (and a few Free Ways) to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week
By LeanStream on April 29, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week in 2021 can look completely different than it ever has before; however, that doesn't mean it should go without celebrations, feelings, and love for our...

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WiFi on the Go Platform

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (or in this case, 5G)
By LeanStream on April 28, 2021

As LeanStream continues to bring new and improved solutions to our District clients and donor customers, we often want to take a moment to recognize those of you who keep us going. One...

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Needs Principals

8 School Contests & Fundraising Incentives to Maximize Success: Part 1
By LeanStream on April 26, 2021

Schools need resources. That statement should not surprise anyone, especially principals, teachers, and parents. Most schools and school programs have the same old fundraising activities...

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Marketplace Platform

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Online Marketplace
By LeanStream on April 22, 2021

If I was to ask you for five tried and true ways of fundraising for your school or organization, what would be on your list? Bet just about every list would include a sale of some type....

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