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5 Easy (and a few Free Ways) to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

By LeanStream Engagement on April, 29 2021

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Teacher Appreciation Week in 2021 can look completely different than it ever has before; however, that doesn't mean it should go without celebrations, feelings, and love for our educators. Now, more than ever, is the time to show teachers how much they are truly appreciated.


Lean Stream believes that teachers are the pioneers of student excellence and are the backbone of schools. As such, we have collected some easy and free ways for you to celebrate your teachers this year.


Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas


Teachers do so much more than just teach our students. They can serve as mentors, nurturers, listeners, and role models. Their dedication, energy, and commitment are unparalleled. Thanking them is the least we can do and thanking them in a unique and special way will leave unforgettable memories. It will help boost morale and reinvigorate their passion for teaching.


Teacher Appreciation Week is fast approaching, and we have come up with some fascinating and exciting ways to show your teachers how much they mean to you and the entire school community.


1. A Thank You Book:

A letter of gratitude to the teacher is an old trend; let's elevate it a bit.


Make an appreciation book filled by every student of the class, where students are free to express their learning journey throughout the year with the teacher. Encourage them to share their favorite topics, teaching, learning experiences, and favorite class memories through writing, drawing, photos, and other creative endeavors.


The appreciation book is an excellent way to give the teacher a memento that demonstrates how much the students learned and grew throughout the year. This is something that can be easily repeated each year. At the end of a teacher’s time at the school, they will have many fond memories of their time teaching at your school.


2. Find a Perfect Gift

Teachers are some of the most generous and giving individuals in our society. They often put in extra hours, spend their own money, and serve in roles that are not listed in their job description. So, how do you find the perfect gift for someone who is always giving of themselves?


A nice pen, personalized tea or coffee mug, a plant or flowers, some cookies or brownies from her favorite baker, a scrapbook filled with memories, a painting, wristwatch, perfume, books, scented candles, and other thoughtful gifts are a great way to show a teacher how special they are.


Handmade Gifts

If you want to do something unique and highly personalized, handmade gifts are the best way of expressing your gratitude. There are many handmade gifts for those who enjoy crafts.


A painter can draw good sketches or paintings of class, teacher, etc. A writer can compose a poem or write a story related to that particular time they had with the teacher or a coach. If you are musically inclined, record a song for the teacher. A video message from a class to a teacher also makes for a nice memento.


Home-baked cookies, brownies, or other confections are usually a popular choice. Bath bombs, bath salts, and bookmarks also make excellent handmade goods. There are lots of DIY kits available at local retailers and craft stores to help you get started.


Knowledge is a timeless gift that teachers impart to our students. It is also a gift that cannot be reciprocated; however, even small gifts can help a teacher feel needed and appreciated.


3. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Sometimes life becomes monotonous and boring since it has a regular continued pattern that never changes. Therefore, even little unexpected things can also give ultimate happiness. It can be anything that can provide an excellent break to the routine.


Give the gift of the unexpected. A carefully crafted surprise gift demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness that should make any teacher feel the love! Here are a few ideas for unexpected teacher gifts, but feel free to be creative.

      • A fresh bouquet on the desk or a bar of hidden chocolate in a book.
      • Homemade or famous baker's cookies or brownies on the table during the teacher’s planning period.
      • Unexpected and fully cleaned classroom or staffroom by students.
      • Composing a poem and singing it along with the class is the best way of showering gratitude or make a video documentary of their daily efforts and hard work.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with unexpected teacher gifts, but ensure the gift isn’t something that will cost the teacher money or burden them to maintain the gift.


4. Sponsorship or Donation

Teacher appreciation isn’t about how much money is spent on the gift. It’s about the thought and effort that goes into the gift that truly shows your feelings. If you are looking for something new and different, try establishing a teacher honorarium or take up a donation to sponsor a teacher.


LeanStream Resource Partners has features already built into their powerful, easy-to-use fundraising platform to help you establish an honorarium for any teacher. Solicit donations from parents, local businesses, and the community.


You can use the money raised to do a classroom makeover, to upgrade the teacher’s desk or decorations, or to create a special feature in the classroom.


5. A Little Applause

Nothing can be compared to being praised. Everyone likes a little applause for their efforts. Teachers deserve a massive round of applause for their unconditional dedication.


Creating an awards program to recognize and honor teachers is a great way to show your school’s MVPs exactly how valuable they are. Publicize the event to draw attention from the community, parents, students, and the media.


Bonus: Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week virtually

Even in this pandemic, teachers continually make efforts to give quality education through online sources. So, why shouldn't we make efforts to celebrate teacher appreciation week?


If your school is still operating virtually or in a hybrid mode, LeanStream has come up with some innovative ideas to make this celebration entirely virtual. You can use some of the following ideas:

      • Create a digital card
      • Make videos
      • Compose a poem and sing it along with the class. Let it be a surprise.
      • Write good reviews of the teacher on the school’s social media or send an emailed review to the principal and/or superintendent.



Teachers are the frontline workers of education frame generation after generation. Even in this pandemic situation, teachers have continued teaching in new and different ways, ensuring students are prepared for the future.


Teachers deserve an incredible celebration for Teacher Appreciation Week. So, rock-and-roll with these fantastic giveaways mentioned above to show them how much they mean to you.







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