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WiFi on the Go

Multiply the Effort, Conquer the Divide
By Amber Williams on February 15, 2021

The ‘Digital Divide’ is an enduring and often immeasurable problem that affects an estimated 14 to 17 million families across the United States. Digital divide refers to the resource gap...

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LeanStream Partners with PowerSchool!
By LeanStream on February 5, 2021

Alabama Startup Announces New Collaboration with PowerSchool, Leading Provider of K-12 Education Technology Solutions

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Needs Honorarium

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Honorarium
By Whit Colvin on February 4, 2021

Looking for an innovative and easy way to raise money for your school?  Think about this digital twist on a tried and true fundraising idea – the Teacher Honorarium. 

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Planning a Successful School Fundraiser: 3 Key Steps for Beginners
By Asha Coleman on February 4, 2021

What are the best school fundraising ideas? How do I put together a school fundraiser online? First steps to planning a school fundraiser...Planning a school fundraiser during COVID... ...

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